Providence John Gabriel House
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8632 160th AVE NE
Redmond, WA 98052 (map)
King County

Property Category:

Senior only

Properties for Seniors Only

These properties have been financed and operate to serve senior households only. In general, persons under 62 are not eligible for these properties. Often these properties have services and/or facilities that accommodate seniors. Some properties may define their senior age as 55 or older. Please see the property listing for details.

There are generally two types of senior properties:
1. Properties that require that all persons in the household be of senior age at initial move in to qualify
2. Properties that require that only the head of the household be of senior age at initial move in to qualify

Please call the MAIN CONTACT on each property listing for specific program or property eligibility.

Approximate Wait:
Over a year

Availability Detail:

This property has 74 total affordable apartments for Senior households, but only 43 receive project-based subsidy through the King County Housing.  The other units are not susbidized and offer affordable rents through the Washinfgton State Tax Credit program. Your annual household income must be below 30%, 40% or 60% median income for King County.

Our units offerred to households below the 60% median income, that are not subsidized, have the shortest wait list at this time.  We also accept Section 8 vouchers in our non-subsidized apartments.

Special Eligibility:

At the time of application, the head of household, spouse or co-head of household must be 62 years of age or older. Maximum household size for a studio or one-bedroom apartment is two persons. Minimum household size for a two-bedroom apartment is two persons, and the maximum household size is five persons, depending on household composition


Providence John Gabriel House apartment complex is located in the heart of downtown Redmond, WA across the street from the Redmond Senior Center and Redmond Regional Library, and close to the Redmond Transit Center. The building includes 74 apartments for seniors age 62 and older whose household income does not exceed 60% of the Area Median as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Monthly rent on some apartments is subsidized by King County Housing Authority. Monthly rent on apartments that are not subsidized will be set at rates affordable to low-income households.

Information about specific rents and income requirements can be found in the Documents tab. Providence ElderPlace operates a PACE Center (Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) at John Gabriel House. Residents are not required to participate in ElderPlace, nor are ElderPlace participants required to live at John Gabriel House. For more information about ElderPlace and the services provided, please visit the ElderPlace website.

Providence John Gabriel House is named after Sister John Gabriel who was the general supervisor of nursing training schools operated by the Sisters of Providence in the 1910s. Sister John Gabriel later served as a hospital consultant, taught hospital administration courses, and also authored several books on the topic.

Main Contact for Inquires and Application

Name: Julie Wrench Phone: 425-755-1125
Title: Admin Assistant Fax: 425-342-0120
Company: TDD: Call 711 for free relay service
Address: 8632 160th AVE NE Suite #110 Email:
Redmond, WA 98052 Website:
Office Hours: M, Tu, Thu, Fri 9am - 3pm & Wed 9am - 2pm
Management Contact

Name: Providence Supportive Housing Phone: 855-360-5478
Title: Property Management Fax:
Company: Email:
Address: 2201 Lind Avenue Sw, Suite 160 Website:
Renton, WA 98057

Program Type(s)

Properties that Accept Housing Authority provided Tenant-Based Vouchers

Properties that accept Tenant-Based Housing Authority Provided Vouchers

Properties in this category are private or publically owned properties that accept applicants with a Housing Authority provided Housing Choice Section 8 voucher or certificate. You must first have applied and received a voucher through your local housing authority program. You should contact your city or county Housing Authority directly for an application for their voucher/subsidy program.

All properties listed on our site that do not have Project-Based subsidy through another government program will take a Section 8 voucher. Vouchers are portable and transferrable because they stay with the household, not the property, once you move out of the property. Then you can take your voucher to a property that accepts them and receive a subsidized rent.

With a voucher or certificate, you will generally only pay 30% of your monthly household income for rent. Maximum rent amounts that the owner can charge are designated by the Federal Government and income limits apply. If an owner wishes to charge more than the maximum rent authorized by the housing authority, the tenant may be asked to pay all or part of the difference.

Please call the MAIN CONTACT on each property listing for specific program or property eligibility.

Properties that offer Washington State Housing Tax Credit Affordable apartments (non-subsidized)

Properties that offer Washington State Housing Tax Credit Affordable apartments (non-subsidized)

These properties have entered into a long term contract with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission to keep rents affordable to low income households for at least 21 years. In exchange for their commitment, owners of Tax Credit properties (LIHTC) are able to reduce their IRS tax assessment as long as qualified families are placed in their apartments and remain income qualified.

These properties do not have Project-Based subsidy, so unless there is another subsidy program "layered" into a Tax Credit property, or you have a Housing Authority Section 8 Voucher, your rent will not be subsidized. The rent you will qualify for at these properties are restricted by HUD rent limits and will depend upon your annual income level. These are called income set-asides. The property may have rent ranges, lowest to highest, but a family in a higher income level may not qualify for the lowest rent level. There may also be some other set asides at the property, called occupancy set asides, such as for large families, disabled households or farm labor households. Properties with these types of set asides would give preference for rents and units to households that qualify.

Waiting lists can also vary greatly at these properties. There are often much longer wait times for the lower rent amounts and may be no wait at all for the higher rent amounts at the property. In addition, often your annual income level may determine which unit you will qualify for. This can also effect the time you may need to wait for a unit to become available.

For example,
Let's say a property has a Tax Credit income set aside of 30% units at a rent of $350 per month. That rent is only available if your gross annual income is less than, for example, $15,000 per year. If all of the 30% units are currently occupied, your household could not immediately move-in to a 30% unit. You may have to either wait for a 30% unit to become available, or, if you can afford a higher rent, you can move-in more quickly.

Tax Credit properties usually have more than one income set aside, so units are generally offered at varying rents between 30%-80% area median income. They will also generally have a minimum monthly income requirement, such as 2x the amount of the rent.

Please call the MAIN CONTACT on each property listing for specific program or property eligibility.

Other Program Details:

King County subsidized affordable housing program

Income Limit Category: Extremely Low, Very Low, Other
Income Limit Details:

Your annual household income must be below 30%, 40% or 60% median income for King County.


Community Room
Computer Lab
Deck or Patio
Hardwood Floors
Laundry in Unit
Laundry Room on Property
Off Street Parking
Pet Friendly

Handicap Accessible Units
Property offers Wheelchair Accessible Apartments

These properties offer apartments that are accessible to persons in wheelchairs or have features desirable and useful to persons in wheelchairs or with mobility impairments. Some properties have apartments that are fully accessible and some have apartments that have been adapted to include accessible features. In accordance with the Fair Housing Act and ADA, all properties that are not specifically exempt will have common areas, pathways and offices that are accessible, or must make arrangements at the property to accommodate persons with mobility impairments. Accessible apartment features vary from property to property, but may include one or more of the following features:
Walk in showers or adapted bath tubs
Grab bars
Hand held Shower
Widened doorways and larger rooms
Lowered cabinets and countertops
Accessible countertops and sink
Accessible appliances
Levered door and faucet handles
Accessible switches and plugs
Lowered peep holes in doors
Hard flooring (non-carpeted)
Visible doorbells, smoke detectors, braille signage and documents

Please call the MAIN CONTACT on each property listing for specific accessibility features available at the property and in the apartments.

Proximity to transit: Under 1/4 Mile

Other Amenities:
  • A/C in all units
  • Balconies in some units
  • Laundry in some units

  • Background Screening Information

    Accepting Comprehensive Re-usable Tenant Screening Reports
    Not Accepting Comprehensive Re-usable Tenant Screening Reports

    Screening Information and Cost (If Any):

    No Screening Fee

    A comprehensive re-usable tenant screening report (portable report) means a tenant screening report, prepared by a consumer reporting agency at the direction of and paid for by the prospective tenant, and made available directly to a prospective landlord at no charge. Reports are re-usable for 30 days for multiple landlords.

    In accordance with Senate Bill 6413 effective 6/9/2016, landlords have the option to either accept or not accept portable reports, and the landlords decision must be included in the landlord’s posted rental criteria.

    If the landlord indicates its willingness to accept a comprehensive reusable tenant (portable) screening report, the landlord may access the landlord's own tenant screening report, regarding a prospective tenant, as long as the prospective tenant is not charged for the landlord's own tenant screening report.

    Bedroom Sizes and Rent Structure

    These rent amounts are generally the lowest and highest rents currently reported at this property. Please call the main contact listed above for details and requirements.

    # of Bedrooms
    Rent Range
    # of units
    $70012 Unit(s) 
    1 Bedroom$521
    $130058 Unit(s) 
    2 Bedrooms$854
    $15004 Unit(s) 

    Total Units:Directly Subsidized (Project-Based) Units:
    74 Units43 Units

    Rent Detail:

    Rents showing are our non-subsidized affordable rental ranges. Rents vary based on income level of applicant and unit amenities/location. We also gladly accept Housing Choice Section 8 Vouchers.

    Equal Housing Opportunity -
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