Income Limits


In order to find the current income limit(s) associated with eligibility for a particular low-income property listed on the website, please follow the steps below using information found on the listing page:

  1. Find the COUNTY and CITY in which the property is located.
  2. Notate which Government Program(s) that keep rents affordable to low-income persons such as HUD project-based Section 8, USDA Rural Housing Service, WSHFC Tax Credit, Housing Section 8 Voucher etc.
  3. Notate which INCOME LIMIT category or categories apply to the particular property. Some properties accept more than one income limit, or give priority placement to persons in a lower income limit category.
  4. Anticipate the number of persons expected to reside in the unit
  5. Click on the appropriate chart below to review the income limit that generally applies at the property.

On the HUD and USDA charts, counties are listed in alphabetical order on the left hand side, and the anticipated number of persons in the unit are listed across the page. Some cities are listed at the beginning because their areas are so large, they have their own income limits that apply. If you do not see your county listed, review the Metropolitan Statistical (PMSA or MSA) area listed at the beginning of the charts for the city in which your property is located.

The published income limit will give you a general idea as to the maximum annual income your household can make to be income - eligible for a particular property. Important: The actual eligibility determination will be performed by the site or management company. Please contact the sites (or contact person) DIRECTLY for further eligibility information.


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