August 28, 2013

I love the site. It’s easy to navigate and pleasant to look at. All the explanations are concise and not too much technical talk or’ lawyerize ‘which confuses a lot of folks. So all in all………. Great job!

Larry Klein

I just wanted to take a moment to say what an amazing resource Aptfinder.org is. I have been working as an On-site Manager for almost 3 years now. With each call I get here at my property, I want you to know that I always refer callers to Aptfinder.org (of course after getting an address to mail an application from my property of course) hehe. I find myself quite often assisting callers by going to your page and finding resources for them especially if they are homebound without transportation, homeless or don't have internet access. I have had calls back from people who have actually gotten in from a cold winters evening by using the resource links on your website. Many of my callers don't have transportation and often the places on their lists don't have anyone available to answer the phones. When they call from the "list" handed to them from one of their local agencies, there really isn't a large number of properties for them to choose from or they are only for the "area" where they picked up their list. I know that people are very happy to hear of Aptfinder.org and the information you provide.

I want to thank you, for what you are offering to all of those in need. I will continue to recommend and utilize Aptfinder.org.

Susan Carroll
On Site Manager
Rainbow Park/Evergreen Apartments

I discovered your site several years ago and have loved you ever since. The heart rending stories I hear from seniors and younger adults with disabilities who are facing homelessness. I just want to help them out of their distress. I have found aptfinder.org a fabulous resource to suggest in their hunt for a place to live.

I really do not know why all affordable apartment owners do not use your advertising. The cost is minimal for yearlong advertising.

A lot of the calls that I get from those that are internet savvy found us through either our website or yours. I am constantly giving out your website because it is very comprehensive in providing a lot of information on each property, as well as having most of the affordable properties advertised there in one spot. I think it is great as to how easy it is to switch up your search criteria. The only complaint I had was that only one picture was allowed. Thankfully that is being addressed with the upgrades that you are implementing.

I applaud you for your dedication to providing this resource for those in such great need.

Debbie Daniels
Community Manager
Mercy Housing Management Group

I just wanted to say thank-you aptfinder.org for 1. being on google search engine when I typed in subsidized apartments in Silverdale, WA. and 2. because you had two apartment complexes that were not even on Bainbridge Islands Low-income Subsidized housing list which Bremerton and Kitsap County housing were not that gracious to give me probably because I am currently living with friends in Oregon. So because of this thank-you so much cause I would love to relocate to the State and County of my early childhood and in America why not?

Regina Jones

Your web site is the best listing affordable housing in the state is TREMENDOUS. I have used it so many times referring and helping others to find affordable housing. It is one of the "greenest" websites ever, saving the elderly and disabled so many phone calls, trips in a car or bus, confusion, frustration, time and money. The $2 fee to list units is a bargain. Kudos to you for providing a real service to those most in need. I would also add from my personal experience of using the site to help others, that many non-profit housing providers and churches rely on the site to help their clients find housing. Just think of the savings in time and $'s to them to have your site available. It is a really great service you provide. And if the site did not exist, where would those most in need go in their search for affordable housing?????

Best wishes,
Lynn Stowell
Retired HUD Director of Housing, Deputy Regional Administrator

Dear Sheila King,

I wanted to take this time to thank you for the best website in this country for affordable housing information!

It works on every level:
I was able to find out what I qualify for.
I could find out about the area of the housing.
I could see what the places looked like.
I could find out what the cost would be, if utilities were included, if stores were near, transportation available, etc.
I could find out about the length of the waiting list for each place.
I could save the information, as I browsed.
I could find a place by county.
And more!

As a cancer survivor, I am new to needing such help. I am living in Southern Orange County, California. Nothing like your website can be found throughout the state of California! I have looked from state to state, starting with California, and find confusing information, long waiting lists, and discouragement. I was told that I had an 18 month wait just for an interview for a section 8 voucher. The local housing office did not let me know that there were other ways to apply for low cost housing. I am having to live off of $900. Social Security benefits. Studios in Orange County start at $1100. Its been an uphill battle.

I am happy to be alive, having survived stage 4 breast and bone cancer. Before I was diagnosed, I had been teaching for twenty years. While going through a clinical trial at UCI Cancer Center, I have been staying in my mother's guest room for two years. I appreciate the shelter, but it is not home. I have gone through a big adjustment as a new "disabled" person. Your site is easy to read, organized, effective! May you be a role model for the country. And may you be able to help other cancer survivors find a home, when they can no longer work full time, due to health challenges!

Indeed, I have yet to find such a great website in all the USA!

When you have such a "user-friendly" site, you say that the state of Washington CARES. Its denotes kindness, clarity, assistance, possibilities, a home in the midst of a very expensive country. You are such a great representative of the good state of Washington. A democracy should include viable help for those in need -- as you have done. The Statue of Liberty would be proud of you, Sheila!

Please feel free to share this letter with anyone and everyone. I hope you are able to make some changes on a national level. The rest of the states could learn so much from your site. A home is the most important thing for those of us who have lost it.

As a life long teacher, I recognize good work, and you would get an A plus for this fabulous website.

It gave me HOPE!

Thank you, Sheila.

Robyn Anne Farrell
Laguna Hills, CA

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