Sunrise Tower Apartments
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2225 4th Ave
Seattle, WA 98121 (map)
King County
Seattle Proximity: Core - West of I-5

Property Category:

Seniors/Persons with Disabilities

Properties for Seniors or Disabled Households

These properties have been financed and operate to serve seniors and persons with a disability. Often these properties have services and/or facilities that accommodate seniors or disabled persons. Most will have an age restriction for seniors of 62 years of age or older. Some properties may define their senior age as 55 or older. Please see the property listing for details.

At these properties, if you are not of senior age you must have a disability that meets the federal program requirements and be over 18 or emancipated to qualify. Only the head, co-head or spouse needs to qualify as senior or disabled at these types of properties. Other household members do not need to be disabled and may be of any age. .

Please be aware that the definition of disability can be very broad for most of these properties program requirements. You may qualify for a property with a disability restriction even if you do not consider yourself disabled or receive disability income.

Please call the MAIN CONTACT on each property listing for specific program or property eligibility.

Approximate Wait:
Over 2 year wait or wait list currently closed

Availability Detail:

Notice of Waiting list Opening for the Project Based Section 8 HUD subsidized program.

To Whom it may concern,

As of March 8, 2024, Sunrise Tower Apartments (a Bellwether Housing Community) is pleased to announce that our Project Based Section 8 HUD subsidized waitlist is now open to all new applicants. The decision to reopen the waitlist comes after careful consideration and evaluation of our current applicant pool. Applicants already on the waitlist will not be affected, and we will continue to process all new applications based on when they are received. The reopening will not affect any pre-applicants who have applied to Sunrise Tower after March 8, 2024. If you are already a current applicant on the waitlist, please continue to contact us every 6 (six) months regarding your continued interest to remain on the waitlist.

Please note that all pre-applicants must be either 62 or older, or disabled, to be eligible to apply and be placed on the waitlist. To submit a pre-application to be placed on the waitlist at Sunrise Tower, you can:

  • Visit the Bellwether Housing website at to submit an application online.
  • Call or email the management office at 206-728-6862 / to receive an application.
  • Stop by in person at the management office to submit a pre-application and be placed on the waitlist.
  • For those who are currently without housing, we encourage you to visit to explore current housing opportunities available in your area. We look forward to welcoming new applicants to our community.

    Special Eligibility:

    HUD Senior Project-based Subsidized property, serving low and very low income individuals, and residents pay 30% of their adjusted income. Applicants must be 62 or older, or handicapped/disabled of adult age to be eligible for housing. 

    There are 3 units that are not HUD regulated, but affordable through the Washington State Tax Credit Program. To see if you qualify, please visit our website to review the Resident Qualifications Summary.


    About the property
    Opened in 1978, Sunrise Tower is a lovely 13-story high rise located in the heart of Belltown for seniors seeking housing. Sunrise Tower offers recently remodeled one bedroom units, in a thriving downtown location. Conveniently located within walking distance of major Metro lines servicing downtown and surrounding areas.

    About the neighborhood
    The neighborhood offers many amenities and tourist attractions, including Pike Place Market, The Space Needle, Public Parks, multiple grocery stores, and local shops. For those who want to live in Downtown Seattle, Belltown is a popular place to live due to the quick and easy commute it affords. If you’re dreaming of true city living, Belltown has it all—nightlife, fantastic restaurants, shopping, entertainment, and even access to beautiful outdoor spaces.

    Features include 

    • Laundry Facilities (Currently Free!!) • Elevator Access • Intercom-Controlled Access • Ongoing Social Events Include Potlucks, Holiday Parties, New Year Celebrations. • Community Room with Computer and Television access, Microwave and refrigerator, Ping Pong Table and Piano also available.

    Main Contact for Inquires and Application

    Name: Axel Yemane Phone: 206-728-6862
    Title: Site Manager Fax:
    Company: Bellwether Housing TDD: Call 711 for free relay service
    Address: 2225 4th Ave Email:
    Seattle, WA 98121 Website:
    Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30-4
    Management Contact

    Name: Bellwether Housing Phone: 206-623-0506
    Title: Property Manager Fax: 206-622-4768
    Company: Email:
    Address: 433 Minor Ave N. Website:
    Seattle, WA 98109

    Program Type(s)

    Properties that offer HUD Project-Based subsidized apartments

    Properties that offer HUD Project-Based Subsidized apartments

    These properties are private, non-profit or Housing Authority Public rental housing where the federal and/or state government provides subsidies directly to the property through a HUD contract. The property owner or housing authority applies those subsidies to the rents he/she charges income eligible households. Unlike the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher tenant-based subsidy program, Project-based subsidy is not portable or transferrable. It stays with the property. Your rent at a Project-based subsidized property will be approximately 30 % of your adjusted monthly income as long as you qualify. You will need to income qualify and recertify your income at least once per year, or more often if necessary. Applicants for these properties need to qualify between the HUD Extremely Very low (30%) and the HUD Low (80%) annual gross income limits, depending upon program requirements and give preference to lower income limit households. HUD Project-Based programs include, but are not limited to:
    HUD Section 8 Multifamily programs
    HUD PRAC program for the elderly or disabled
    HUD 202/8 program for the elderly
    Housing Authority Project Based program

    Please call the MAIN CONTACT on each property listing for specific program or property eligibility.

    Properties that offer Washington State Housing Tax Credit Affordable apartments (non-subsidized)

    Properties that offer Washington State Housing Tax Credit Affordable apartments (non-subsidized)

    These properties have entered into a long term contract with the Washington State Housing Finance Commission to keep rents affordable to low income households for at least 21 years. In exchange for their commitment, owners of Tax Credit properties (LIHTC) are able to reduce their IRS tax assessment as long as qualified families are placed in their apartments and remain income qualified.

    These properties do not have Project-Based subsidy, so unless there is another subsidy program "layered" into a Tax Credit property, or you have a Housing Authority Section 8 Voucher, your rent will not be subsidized. The rent you will qualify for at these properties are restricted by HUD rent limits and will depend upon your annual income level. These are called income set-asides. The property may have rent ranges, lowest to highest, but a family in a higher income level may not qualify for the lowest rent level. There may also be some other set asides at the property, called occupancy set asides, such as for large families, disabled households or farm labor households. Properties with these types of set asides would give preference for rents and units to households that qualify.

    Waiting lists can also vary greatly at these properties. There are often much longer wait times for the lower rent amounts and may be no wait at all for the higher rent amounts at the property. In addition, often your annual income level may determine which unit you will qualify for. This can also effect the time you may need to wait for a unit to become available.

    For example,
    Let's say a property has a Tax Credit income set aside of 30% units at a rent of $350 per month. That rent is only available if your gross annual income is less than, for example, $15,000 per year. If all of the 30% units are currently occupied, your household could not immediately move-in to a 30% unit. You may have to either wait for a 30% unit to become available, or, if you can afford a higher rent, you can move-in more quickly.

    Tax Credit properties usually have more than one income set aside, so units are generally offered at varying rents between 30%-80% area median income. They will also generally have a minimum monthly income requirement, such as 2x the amount of the rent.

    Please call the MAIN CONTACT on each property listing for specific program or property eligibility.

    Income Limit Category: Extremely Low, Very Low,
    Income Limit Details:

    Applicant Household annual income must be below HUD 50% median income for Seattle.


    Cable TV Hookup
    Community Room
    Non-Smoking Property
    Laundry Room on Property
    Pet Friendly
    Utilities Included

    Proximity to transit: Front Door Pickup

    Background Screening Information

    Accepting Comprehensive Re-usable Tenant Screening Reports
    Not Accepting Comprehensive Re-usable Tenant Screening Reports

    Screening Information and Cost (If Any): ____

    A comprehensive re-usable tenant screening report (portable report) means a tenant screening report, prepared by a consumer reporting agency at the direction of and paid for by the prospective tenant, and made available directly to a prospective landlord at no charge. Reports are re-usable for 30 days for multiple landlords.

    In accordance with Senate Bill 6413 effective 6/9/2016, landlords have the option to either accept or not accept portable reports, and the landlords decision must be included in the landlord’s posted rental criteria.

    If the landlord indicates its willingness to accept a comprehensive reusable tenant (portable) screening report, the landlord may access the landlord's own tenant screening report, regarding a prospective tenant, as long as the prospective tenant is not charged for the landlord's own tenant screening report.

    Bedroom Sizes and Rent Structure

    These rent amounts are generally the lowest and highest rents currently reported at this property. Please call the main contact listed above for details and requirements.

    # of Bedrooms
    Rent Range
    # of units
    1 Bedroom$0
    $2049107 Unit(s) 

    Total Units:Directly Subsidized (Project-Based) Units:
    107 Units104 Units

    Rent Detail: Residents pay 30% of their adjusted income in rent.

    Equal Housing Opportunity -
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