Why You Should Advertise with aptfinder.org

Are you looking for qualified tenants for your affordable apartment community?? Times have changed and the best way to advertise your property is online!

Online advertisement has many advantages, one of which is the wide range of people it reaches. Many people check the internet exclusively in their search for an apartment. Renters young and old use popular sites such as Craigslist, Rentals.com, Apartments.com, and a myriad of other sites as well.

The problem is, those sites are not geared to the
qualified low-income renters that YOU need to attract!

An online, low-income focused website, like aptfinder.org, is likely the best way to reach your target audience and give detailed information about your property. Advertising with aptfinder.org is very cost effective. For only a $2.00 per unit per year listing fee, owners and managers can post as much detail as they want, add photos and update information, photos etc on their listing at any time free of charge!

For example, a 30 unit property would only cost $60.00 per year. We bill once per year by mailing an invoice to the contact on the listing page. If course, it is always free to search for an affordable property on our website!

In addition, if your property has a government mandate to advertise based on Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing plan requirements, on-line advertising is a great resource, compared to costly newspaper advertising, which only reaches a limited audience.

Take advantage of this affordable advertising opportunity today and list your Washington State affordable apartment community with aptfinder.org!

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